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How Shipping Works

Speed: When an order is placed, it's given prompt, efficient, service and attention. Due to periods of high demand, additional time maybe added between order placement and shipping.

Means of Shipment:
Federal Express
1-Day Air
2-Day Air
United States Postal Service
Express Mail
First Class (Air, less than 12 oz)
Priority (Air, 12 oz and over)
Registered Mail
4th class (Ground)
United Parcel Service
Orange Label (3rd day air)
Blue Label (2nd day air)
Red Label (1st day )
Truck Freight, Prepaid or Collect
Arkansas Best Freightways
Yellow Freight

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are added to customer orders based on total weight, destination, insurance requirements, and means of shipment. Prior to packing the order, I.J.S. can only estimate shipping charges. Because of this reason, shipping costs will not be seen in the shopping cart. Please contact customer service for more information on a particular order's shipping cost.

Handling Fee: A handling fee of $5.00 will be added to orders that total less than $50.00.

Shortage & Damage Claims: Shortage claims must be made within ten days after receipt of shipment. Please inspect the package thoroughly and report any damage before you sign for it. Discuss damages with the carrier (UPS, Postal Service, etc.) as soon as possible.

Unclaimed C.O.D.’s: Unclaimed C.O.D. shipments that are returned to I.J.S. will be reshipped, pending receipt of funds at I.J.S. for the original C.O.D. amount, plus charges incurred for the second shipping. C.O.D. customers will be contacted either by phone or mail to be advised of the situation. If I.J.S. has not received payment within 15 days of notification, C.O.D. customers will be charged a 10% restocking fee on the merchandise and remain responsible for carrier shipping costs incurred.

Shipping Hazardous Materials: I.J.S.complies with USDOT and shipper regulations applied to hazardous materials. Currently, U.P.S. is the only carrier handling hazardous materials, via Ground Service. As of December 15, 2002, a $20.00 per package hazardous materials handling fee applies. Regulations and fees are subject to change without notice.