Search Help

Search Help

Currently the search engine in place does not conduct what is known as "Full Text Searching". With the current standard search features, if a customer looks for "Amethyst faceted oval", only products that have exactly that phrase in that name or description will be returned. Therefore, it is suggested to keep search terms simple by using a single word in order to generate a list of search results to review.

Shipping Charges

Please note: Shipping charges are added to customer orders based on total weight, destination, and means of shipment. Prior to packing the order, I.J.S. can only estimate shipping charges. Because of this reason, shipping costs will not be seen in the shopping cart. Please contact customer service for more information on a particular order's shipping cost.


When an order is placed, it's given prompt, efficient, service and attention. Due to periods of high demand, additional time maybe added between order placement and shipping.

Means of Payment

I.J.S. customer's first order must be paid by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, bank cashier’s check, or money order. Pre-payment may be done with a personal or business check. See details below.

Visa • Mastercard • American Express

Prior to shipment of customer's first order, I.J.S. will verify name of customer, billing address, and account number with the issuing bank. Some restrictions may apply. Please provide a photocopy of customer credit card with faxed or mailed-in orders. For foreign deliveries, credit cards receive the most favorable currency exchange rate.

Personal/Business Checks

Personal/business checks must be pre-printed with customer name, address, daytime phone number, and the phone number of the bank’s accounting department for account and balance verification. Any checks must be issued in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. Ongoing service for personal or business checks is subject to satisfactory account history. Please complete and return the check writing authorization form in this catalog.


At customer's request, I.J.S. will call and notify the amount to be sent. See above for the rules governing financial instruments.

C.O.D. Orders

C.O.D. orders must have a money order or bank cashier’s check ready at the time of delivery. Packages will be returned to I.J.S. for non-payment. C.O.D. customers must provide a phone number or other means of contact, so I.J.S. can give an amount of the order to be paid. If unexpected conditions arise and leave you unavailable to receive the package, please notify us. We may arrange a different delivery date.

Bank Wire Transfer

The Bank Wire Transfer process takes 5-10 business days to notify I.J.S. of the arrival of funds from the customer and there's a processing fee that can be as high as $20.00. Higher speed and lower cost alternatives are Postal Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks sent via Express Mail.

Open Account

Credit applications can be found in our catalogs. Customers may also request a credit application via fax or mail. Allow at least two weeks after submission for processing. Pending an investigation of customer's credit status, credit applications will be approved or declined. We reserve the right to decline credit to any account for any reason or no reason. We further reserve the right to decline to establish an account. Payment is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. delinquent accounts will be assessed a finance charge when payment is not received by the end of the accounting month following the shipment. Credit may be suspended at any time for late payment or dishonored checks.

Foreign Customers

Because our local banks are unpredictable in fees charged to process foreign checks, we have a policy of requiring payment in U.S. dollars by one of four means:
• VISA - MasterCard - American Express
• Check/money order drawn on U.S. bank
• International postal money order
• Bank Wire Transfer (expensive and slow, see above)


NET CASH, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or C.O.D. For credit-approved customers, payments for purchases are due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment must be RECEIVED AT I.J.S. by the last day of the month for purchases from the previous month to avoid a finance charge.


The final purchase pricing for metals is calculated by actual weight and commodity pricing of the quantities being shipped. The purchase price may change from the estimated price shown when you are entering your order.

Handling Fees

Orders totaling $50.00 or more in merchandise have no handling fees. Shipping fees are not considered part of the $50.00-or-more total. Merchandise orders for less than $50.00 will be charged a $5.00 handling fee. Backorders will not be charged a handling fee.


Sales within the state of New Mexico are subject to state sales tax, unless a New Mexico non-taxable transaction certificate is given with the order or is on file at Indian Jewelers Supply Company. When delivery of an order is taken outside the State of New Mexico, state sales tax does not apply.


Backorders are not made where the item(s) are under $10.00 in value. It is best to try again on a future order. Happily, we apply the value of item outages in determining when handling fees apply. Rest assured, you won't be paying for items not in stock.

Some items are not backorderable, such as discontinued and WSL (While Stock Lasts) items. Our point-of-sale records will indicate these and other non-backorderable items.

Before shipping your backorder, I.J.S. will call, e-mail, or write to you. You may add to that order, or cancel it entirely. Shipping fees will apply to backorders, and we will verify the means of shipment at that time. Be sure your contact information is current.

Backorders over 30 days old are cancelled, with notification.

If you prepaid your order, you will be refunded the money applying to the item outage. You may execute a backorder, and the relevant funds will be kept on your account at I.J.S. for thirty days.

We do not backorder items for shipment outside the U.S., particularly overseas. This is due to shipping costs, that often exceed the item's cost.

Precious metals backordered are billed according to the quantity price break of the original order, but at the market price in effect on the day of shipment.


Indian Jewelers Supply Company disclaims any responsibility for damage or personal injury resulting from products being used improperly or from being repaired or modified by others or from abuse or use beyond normal product life expectancy. Specifications of the goods listed will be maintained wherever possible, but we reserve the right to make changes when necessary. Errors and omissions excepted.

Means of Shipment

• Federal Express
     1-Day Air
     2-Day Air
• United States Postal Service
     Express Mail
     First Class (Air, less than 12 oz)
     Priority (Air, 12 oz and over)
     Registered Mail
     4th class (Ground)
• United Parcel Service
     Orange Label (3rd day air)
     Blue Label (2nd day air)
     Red Label (1st day )
• Truck Freight, Prepaid or Collect
     Arkansas Best Freightways
     Yellow Freight

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are added to customer order's based on total weight, destination, and means of shipment. Prior to packing the order, I.J.S. can only estimate shipping charges.

Shortage & Damage Claims

Shortage claims must be made within ten days after receipt of shipment. Please inspect the package thoroughly and report any damage before you sign for it. Discuss damages with the carrier (UPS, Postal Service, etc.) as soon as possible.

Returned Checks

Customer Checks presented to I.J.S. which are returned unpaid by the customer’s bank for ANY reason will incur a $25.00 service charge. Upon receipt of a dishonored check, the customer’s account will be immediately placed on a “CASH-ONLY C.O.D.” basis. This will be waived if we receive written notification from your bank that the check was returned unpaid in error. Dishonored check service charges will incur delinquent account service charges if not paid within thirty days. Customers that fail to clear dishonored checks and service charges will not be provided additional products until all outstanding charges have been paid in full.

If a customer’s check in payment of an open account is dishonored by the customer’s bank, the account will be considered unpaid. Service charges will be imposed on any resulting past due balance.

Merchandise Returns

Returns should be accompanied by a copy of the invoice, or the date and invoice number provided from the original sale and an explanation of the problem and your proposed resolution. Returns received more than 30 days after the date of the invoice will require prior approval from our mail order department, and will be subject to a 10% restock fee. Products priced according to fluctuating metals market prices will be considered on the basis of market pricing at date of return.

Unclaimed C.O.D. Orders

Unclaimed C.O.D. shipments that are returned to I.J.S. will be reshipped, pending receipt of funds at I.J.S. for the original C.O.D. amount, plus charges incurred for the second shipping. C.O.D. customers will be contacted either by phone or mail to be advised of the situation. If I.J.S. has not received payment within 15 days of notification, C.O.D. customers will be charged a 10% restocking fee on the merchandise and remain responsible for carrier shipping costs incurred.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

I.J.S.complies with USDOT and shipper regulations applied to hazardous materials. Currently, U.P.S. is the only carrier handling hazardous materials, via Ground Service. As of December 15, 2002, a $20.00 per package hazardous materials handling fee applies. Regulations and fees are subject to change without notice.